Finger paint.

The last couple of days the Education Action Group’s Kyle Olson has been freaking out over on his Twitter site about my salary and my job.

“$100,000 to teach kids to finger paint.”

Oh. Later he added clay moulding to my job description.

Like I should be ashamed of my salary, which is far less than I would be making in the private sector at my age and level of education.

Or that I should be ashamed at being a K-5 Art teacher.

Well. You know. The Arts.

I actually do finger paint with the kindergarten kids. Olson should try it. It might calm him down.

But I stand by the value of a quality art program for every student. It is harder and harder to fit it into the school day that Olson would like: Testing and then more testing.

As for my salary. It’s good, but I earn it. We’re so not ashamed of what we earn that our Association publishes our salary schedule on our non-password website. Olson would like you to believe he had to go internet searching to find out what we make. No need, Kyle. It’s right out there in the open.

Which is more than Olson can claim.

His funders are secret.