The Fahner confession. A 40 year criminal conspiracy.

“This was not created by the people entitled to the benefits,”  said Ty Fahner of the Civic Committee last night on WTTW’s Chicago Tonight.

“You told one of our producers that if this had happened in the private sector…well, you finish your thought,” said host, Phil Ponce.

“Well, if this happened in the private sector…if someone didn’t pay in the money…there would be prosecutions going,” replied Fahner, former Attorney General of Illinois.

Fahner was admitting that if corporations do to their employee pension funds what the state has done to us, it is a crime.

Of course, corporations DID do what the state is now doing. And Fahner didn’t prosecute. Nor has anyone else.

Why isn’t this admission a story in the press?

This video is as much an indictment of Ty Fahner as the famous Aspen video was of Jonah Edelman.

The entire spin on the pension story has been to paint the pensioners as greedy and overpriced.

Instead what we have here is an admission by the chief corporate sponsor for gutting public service worker pensions that we are the victims of a criminal practice taking place over a 40 year period.

Instead of indictments, the victims of the criminal behavior are being victimized once again.