George Schmidt. Terrence Carter is only the most dramatic example of the Chicago reform nonsense.

Jon Schnur Photo

New Leaders’ John Schnur.

– George Schmidt is a retired CPS teacher and publishes at Substance.


Let’s draw one last connection here. I first (heard) Jonathan Schnur during a press conference hosted by Gery Chico and Paul Vallas at Chico’s law offices, back before Gery had bankrupted the firm in which he was then a partner. Chico used to hold these media events on the Monday before the Board of Education meetings in order to dictate the Chicago media agenda for the upcoming Board meeting (and divert the reporters, who were usually ready to be diverted) from much of what was going to be on the agenda, which was already filled with massive privatization and cronyism. Chico proclaimed the entry of “New Leaders…” and touted Schnur as a veteran of work at the Clinton White House and talked about how “New Leaders” was going to solve the problem of “failing” principals across Chicago…

The reporters ate it up and regurgitated it on command. That’s how most of the Board of Education stories were set back in the late 1990s and the days before Vallas (and Chico) were ousted and Arne Duncan (and Michael Scott) brought in to reinvent the CPS narrative. There is more to this to tell, but the simplest fact is that Chicago’s reporters have never done an analysis of such outfits as “New Leaders…” or their claims. Instead, their propaganda press releases are simply quoted (of, just copied and pasted) into “news” stories.

Terrence Carter is only the most dramatic example of the “New Leaders…” nonsense. We’ll be researching it all over the next year or so. One of my stories will be “If you thought Teach for America was full of (manure), take a look at “New Leaders for New Schools” and you’ll be in the muck of the whole barnyard!”

More to come…

– George Schmidt

George Schmidt. Here a doctor. There a doctor.



In a previous post I wrote about Terrence Carter. Carter was hired from Chicago to run New London, Connecticut schools. He claimed a Ph.D. without really having one. George Schmidt comments:

– George Schmidt is a retired Chicago public school teacher and publishes Substance.

Here a doctor… there a doctor…. everywhere a doctor DOCTOR…

Not to be missed is that “Doctor” Carter’s CPS experience was mostly as a “team leader” for AUSL. In one of the AUSL applications for state funding, they note that Carter was helping at their version of Collins High School, where he was supposedly spending five percent of his time at Collins.

Carter isn’t the only “highly touted” fraud to export from Chicago of late. Of course, the most famous is Arne Duncan (but at least he hasn’t mailed in for his doctorate — yet). Minneapolis discovered that Rick Mills had never gotten his superintendent’s license in Illinois — after they had hired him because he had been “highly touted” from Chicago…

Now Mills has elbowed his way into Sarasota, where the people on the school board who voted for his hiring are filled with regrets.

Jennifer Cheatham bailed out of Chicago and after an undistinguished career here for the top job in Madison, Wisconsin.

Pedro Martinez went from being Chief Financial Officer in Chicago to a top “educational” job in Nevada.

And of course it took four or five stops before someone caught up with the Paul Vallas frauds and fakeries — also in Connecticut. So just when America was freed from Vallas, Pat Quinn saved his “career.”

There are others, but those come to the top of everyone’s mind.

School districts around the USA should stop thinking that a Chicago administrators is “highly touted” when in fact that Chicago brand usually means FRAUD — whether it’s Arne Duncan, a retread satyr like Rick Mills, or that babbling buffoon Paul G. Vallas…

Life in Rahm’s Chicago. Dems desert Emanuel.

The first sign that something was up was when Obama, without warning Rahm first, announced that the G8 summit would be moved out of Chicago and taken to Camp David.


Now the former mayor, Da Mayor, chastises the mayor, the present mayor, for his plan to lengthen the school day.

Lengthening the school day at Chicago public schools is a key part of Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s agenda, but his predecessor doesn’t think it’s the answer to providing a better education.

“At first I thought it was, but I don’t think so,” former Mayor Richard M. Daley said in an interview Monday night on WLS-Channel 7 News. “To me, to take a fourth-grader or a sixth-grader or a high school student, and say you’re going to stay more than six hours — we need quality instructions.”


This little back stab from the guy, Richie Daley, who gave Paul Vallas and Arne Duncan keys to Chicago’s public schools is almost comical.

But it says volumes about the problems Rahm seems to be facing with both national and local Democrats.

Let alone the problems he’s having with parents, teachers and communities.

Having seen Rahm on a video with right-wing commentator Juan Williams supporting Kyle Olson and the Education Action Group makes me wonder even more about what is going on?

The return of Paul Vallas. No thanks.

Cook County Board chief Todd Stroger. Only Vallas could make him look good.
Cook County Board chief Todd Stroger. Only Vallas could make him look good.

The other big local political news is the impending return of Paul Vallas to Chicago. News reports say he wants to run the County Board.

After screwing the CPS, even pissing off his patron The Mayor, he fled to Philadelphia. By all accounts, he made that struggling urban system even worse. Run out of Philly, he ended up in charge of the privatization of New Orleans public schools.

Now Typhoid Paul, switching to being a Republican, wants to do to Cook County government was he’s done to Chicago, Philly and NOLA schools.

Only Vallas could make a local hope for the victory of the corrupt present head of the Board, Todd Stroger.