What was Rahm doing at the memorial honoring Pullman workers?


Rahm went after the Chicago Teachers Union in 2012. 

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President Obama came to Chicago to dedicate the Pullman national monument.

The monument is not there to honor capital’s robber barons of industry. It’s not there for George Pullman. It is there to honor its workers, labor unions, the African American union of sleeping car porters.

Much is being made of the fact that Governor Private Equity was kept off the stage when the President was signing the paper establishing the monument.

Capitolfax posted these tweets:

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Even Crain’s pro-business Greg Hinz was forced to admit that Governor Private Equity appears to be in the tradition of George Pullman.

Rauner acted like a rich guy protecting his class in one key area: While poor people and middle-class people and workers and transit riders and just about everyone else is being asked to take it in the ear in the name of “shared sacrifice,” people of means get off scot-free. In fact, they’re actually better off.

Yet everyone agrees that the timing of Obama’s trip to Chicago had more to do with saving Rahm Emanuel’s behind than honoring labor.


The very same mayor who used the most offensive gutter language to the country’s most beloved teacher union leader?

Also kept off the stage was Rahm’s primary opponent, Alderman Bob Fioretti.

Ald. Bob Fioretti, 2nd, questioned why he was not granted a ticket to attend the event, given his history as a past president and current member of the Historic Pullman Foundation board.

Considering the mutual contempt with which Governor Private Equity and Rahm hold unions, they both should have been kept behind the velvet ropes.

But honoring labor, unions and the Pullman porters wasn’t really what today was all about.

During his White House days Rahm got no endorsement from Michelle Obama.


It is no secret she didn’t like him much.

With $30 million in his campaign’s bank account but polling well shy of his needed 50% plus one to avoid a run-off, Rahm Emanuel has turned to his old boss, President Obama for a radio ad.

It will be surprising if First Lady Michelle Obama will be in it.

It is well documented that she doesn’t like The Mayor.

From a 2012 Tribune article:

Washington politics tends to require meticulous planning, but Emanuel appeared to be winging it — focusing on day-to-day concerns at the expense of the long-term, according to the book by New York Times reporter Jodi Kantor.

There was no set agenda during Emanuel’s 7:30 a.m. meetings for top staffers, according to Kantor, who wrote that, “it often seemed driven by what was in the newspaper that morning.”

“Even Emanuel’s allies admitted his style was scattered: ‘schizophrenia’ as one said. His philosophy was to put a ‘point on the board’ meaning some small advance or victory, each day, to eventually win the match,” Kantor writes.

The book’s portrayal of Emanuel stands in contrast to the controlled and calibrated image he has tried to project in his opening months as mayor.

Emanuel is not the focus of “The Obamas,” a book about the first couple’s first years in the White House, but he plays an significant supporting role.

On paper, everyone in the West Wing reported to Emanuel, who reported to the president. In reality, Kantor writes, there were several power centers competing for access and influence, including Emanuel,Vice President Joe Biden, and senior advisers David Axelrod and Valerie Jarrett.

After the midterm elections in 2010, it was clear Obama “needed a more traditional structure, with a streamlined decision-making process flowing through a chief of staff who had true authority,” according to the book.

One of Obama’s first major decisions was tapping Emanuel as chief of staff. Unlike his boss, Emanuel was combative, unafraid to push or even insult, Kantor writes.

“Emanuel was restless, sly, casually abusive, and almost always willing to cut a deal,” according to the book. “He could yell at you and eat a brownie off your plate at the same time.”

Emanuel, however, had learned lessons during his time in President Bill Clinton’s White House: “Avoid symbolic issues and ideological battles.” Hillary Clinton also taught him another one: “Stay out of the first lady’s way.”

Emanuel did not always appear to heed that when it came to Michelle Obama. There were occasions when he’d make a commitment on the first lady’s behalf without consulting her first.

The first lady also had her doubts about Emanuel. The two were philosophical and temperamental contrasts who had almost no bond, Kantor writes, and their relationship was “distant and awkward from the beginning.”

George Wallace High School.


Rahm says that he is not going to name the new selective admission high school after President Obama after all.

Naming things after politicians is a big deal in Chicago.

They recently named the traffic-clogged circle interchange after former mayor Jane Byrne.

This was the idea of Alderman “Fast Eddie” Burke who still hasn’t gotten over the fact that Byrne was beaten by Harold Washington.

Washington has a library and a community college named after him. But I choose to think he wouldn’t care about that as much as he would want us to elect Karen Lewis.

That would truly honor him.

And Balbo Street is named after an Italian fascist who flew a plane to the opening of the World’s Fair.

Technically Balbo wasn’t a politician. Just a fascist.

Balbo is where the police riot at the 1968 Democratic Convention took place. The whole world was watching.

It seems that Rahm discovered there was a rule against naming schools after people who are still alive.

Charter schools are excepted from that rule. Which is why so many charter schools seem to be named after his friend Bruce Rauner.

That is how you can tell the difference between Chicago turnaround schools and charter schools. Turnaround schools are called Academy or have Renaissance in their name. Charter schools have “Rauner” in their name.

Rahm also has Chicago in the running for the Obama presidential library.

Ironic given that over 150 Chicago public schools have no library.

The controversy surrounding Barack Obama High wasn’t over naming rights, however.

The controversy surrounding the school was about Rahm pandering to his rich white base. Rich white folks who live near north  already have Walter Payton to send their kids to.

Walter Payton is the school Bruce Rauner got his kid clouted into after he decided New Trier wasn’t good enough for her. He bought a condo on the north side and gave Arne Duncan a call.

Bingo! She got in.

Naturally Rahm decided Rauner’s neighborhood needed another selective admission clout-ready high school a half a mile away.

The name may change, but the pandering clout-school continues.

Remember that Rahm closed 50 schools last year. Almost all of them were located in African-American neighborhoods.

It was the largest shut-down of African-American schools in American history.

Which provides me with a suggestion for the new high school.

George Wallace High.

He’s dead.