What is Madigan up to? Discuss.


When I asked somebody with more experience in the weird inner workings of Springfield about today’s four votes on pension bills, his answer was, “I guess we’ll see.”

Illinois Democratic Party Boss Michael Madigan threw everything at the wall today to see what would stick.

Nothing did.

A House bill that would raise the retirement age of public employees to 67 got one vote. The Speaker’s.

A House bill that would raise employee contributions to 5% got 3 votes. Nekritz, Jefferson and The Speaker.

A House bill that would eliminate all COLAs got five votes. Hurley, Jefferson, Nekritz, Zalewski and The Speaker.

Most Republicans did not vote.

What is Madigan up to?

What do you think?



Elgin’s Senator Mike Noland. Bought by Stand for Children? Targeted by pensioners.

Noland, who sits on Quinn’s pension panel told pensioners, “I’m on your side.”

Elgin’s Democratic State Senator Mike Noland couldn’t figure out why pensioners would be demonstrating outside his office.

He ended up blaming the teachers’ union.

Noland, endorsed by Jonah Edelman’s Stand For Children, also is a member of the Governor’s pension commission. The panel is recommending raising the retirement age of teachers to 67, raising our TRS contribution by 3%, reducing COLA increases and even taxing pensioners income for the first time.

Stand for Children contributed over $200,000 to primary campaigns in March. Noland was among 11 representative and senatorial candidates that received checks from SFC.

Why would pensioners hold a protest at Noland’s office?

Why not?