In Hinsdale this is what Tea Party democracy looks like.


“Hey, Fred,” a teacher friend writes. “Ever hear of a school board holding a press conference that denied access to other board members from attending it? Too funny, but that just happened in Hinsdale. No parents, teachers or even other school board members were allowed to attend their Tea Party.”

The Hinsdale High School Teachers Association, which is engaged in tough negotiations with the local board, reports on their Facebook page:

Did you know that Mr. Skoda and Mr. Corcoran held a press conference this morning and denied access to all parents, taxpayers, teachers, community members, and even a FELLOW ELECTED BOARD MEMBER?

Does this seem transparent? Or is it just another example of Mr. Skoda and his board putting politics ahead of what is best for the district?

Of course, this is the same bunch of Koch brother wannabes that suggested CTU President Karen Lewis was somehow an issue in the negotiations.

I have been suggesting all along that the Hinsdale situation is what happens when local school board elections are ignored and Tea Party union haters get elected as a result of Tea Party funding and low turnout.

Events in Hinsdale are not a one off.

It is a growing phenomenon throughout Illinois and should serve as a warning to those who support public education.


Virtual Lobby Day Tuesday. School board members can do it too.

The IEA may not be mobilizing people to go to Springfield. But teachers in this area want to go anyway. So we’re looking into getting a bus (maybe two) and heading down to the Capitol after Spring break.

Sometimes things are too important to be left to those in charge.

But today is today. Time to send an email or make the call to your local state senator and state representative.

The corporate Civic Committee’s Ty Fahner three-tier bill, SB512 is still out there. Senate President John Cullerton is pushing hard at shifting the state’s pension obligations to local school districts. There’s a bill to tax retiree benefits and another plan by the governor to cut state payments to the retiree health insurance, TRIP.

By the way. I’ve heard that the plan to shift the pension obligation to local districts has sent shivers up the spines of school board members. Some of them read this blog. They can use the IEA website too.

You can contact your legislators here.

And while you at it, use the Chicago Teachers Union website to contact your people about Senator Iris Martinez’s bill to stop school closings. Their site is here. Her Committee is meeting on it today.