Sunday links.

Week in Review, NYT.
Week in Review, NYT.

Brother Mike at Small Talk sends us over to Sun-Times sports columnist Rick Telander who explains with anger and graphic words why Chicago’s turn towards privatization of everything from schools to parking meters disqualifies the city as a site for the Olympics.

Need an explanation for the failure of the Illinois legislature to pass a budget to fund the state’s schools? Phil Kadner explains:  “The outcome of this game was fixed before the players took the court.
Madigan won. Everybody else lost.”

Arne Duncan’s pay-for-performance schemes are facing tough questioning by congress says Stephen Sawchuck at EdWeek.

Assorted Stuff reports that his (her?) school district wants you to be a fan of the district on Facebook, but Facebook is blocked on school computers. In my district Facebook is blocked in the schools, but not in the administration headquarters. Hmmm. What are they spending their time on over there?

A whiff of summer from Ms. Cornelius

The last day of school we had our annual talent show, and some of the acts were pretty good. It made me think again about how there are so many important things that kids can learn at school – about themselves and each other – that don’t come from books. One of my favorite moments came when the kindergarteners sang “My Girl” by the Temptations to 3 teachers who retired this year. The teachers sat in chairs set up directly in front of the kindergarteners, and the kids each handed them flowers, one at a time, until the teachers all had bouquets to hold. It was a great moment.

When they came back to sit in the audience, I told one of the retiring teachers – a woman I’ve worked with for over 20 years, and who worked with two of my own kids – that the performance was so moving it nearly choked me up. Five or six people who overheard my comment burst out laughing. It was OK; I knew it was funny. Borderland

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