“I will gladly pay you Tuesday for a hamburger today.”

When I was a kid I was addicted to Popeye cartoons on TV.

J. Wellington Wimpy, known as Wimpy, would always say, “I will gladly pay to Tuesday for a hamburger today.” It would crack me up, although I don’t know why it is funny.

Jim Broadway is reporting that the Illinois General Assembly is getting ready to pass a tax increase on Tuesday. Teacher union payback is expected to be delayed until the next session.

I’m not laughing.

As we entered this lame duck session (January 3-11) “reforms” in education, workers compensation and Medicaid seemed linked to a tax increase. The Medicaid piece is moving apace. Workers compensation is struggling but advancing.
The education reform was mainly aimed at eroding teachers’ tenure protection and stripping their unions of the right to strike. This week, concern about unintended consequences seemed to rise in the Senate and caution clouded the outcome.
The teachers’ unions (Illinois Education Association, Illinois Federation of Teachers and Chicago Teachers Union) offered reasons for a deliberate approach, and their pledge to cooperate for effective reforms in the spring session appears to have been accepted.

To find out what we will we have to pay for this hamburger will have to wait a few weeks and for the new legislature.

But it won’t come cheap.

Broadway also suggests that the so-called Tax Payer Bill of Rights might not make the January 11 deadline for this session either. But it isn’t going away. Emails and phone calls against this hamburger are also needed now and then later if necessary.

Time to fight, talk hard truths and bring backup.

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