Scott Walker’s Wisconsin blooper.

It ranks up there with Mitt Romney’s “I like firing people.”

Wisconsin’s anti-union governor, Scott Walker, has plastered a billboard claiming he creates jobs right in front of the Janesville GM plant.

Which is closed and shuttered.

Wisconsin voters are a week away from filing enough signatures to have a recall election on the governor.

The photo of the Walker billboard has gone viral, of course.

The internet is tough on stupid politicians these days.

So, a new billboard went up quickly:

Hat Tip: Defend Wisconsin.

6 thoughts on “Scott Walker’s Wisconsin blooper.

  1. The Romney comment was funny but more than that it was stupid. I know we all flock to the sick irony of him mention firing people, but there is a very important point that I have not seen anyone in the media even mention.

    He mande that comment in the context of firing insurance companies meaning that he likes the idea of a person being able to fire an insurance company if they do not perform.

    In the audience he was addressing, or for that matter in all of America, exactly how many people have the ability to fire their health insurance company? I mean what am I missing? Is he saying that in our existing HC system we have the ability to fire insurance companies. Perhaps as the CEO of Bain he did or as an individual buyer but all those people working for the companies he bought (or is that bankrupted) could not fire their insurance company.

    If you are lucky enough to be employeed by a company that provides insurance, they pick the insurance company and they dictate benefits. The benefits generally keep shrinking and what I have to contribute keeps going up.

    Romney says I can just fire them. Why didn’t I think fo that?

  2. Fred, I think you should replace your “Recall Scott Walker” heading backdrop with the billboard picture!

    It’s so true…”a picture is worth 1,000 words.”

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