IEA wants you to support benefit cuts. End of discussion. Comments are closed. UPDATE.

Gone Fishing SPOFS013

I got the usual weekly email link to the IEA website featuring the usual Vimeo of IEA head lobbyist, Jim Reed.

No matter our differences, Jim and I have always had cordial conversations.

I got the notice on my iPad.  The iPad layout of the IEA website is different than the one I see on my MacBook.

When I got to the bottom of the post, it said “Comments Are Closed.”


I went my MacBook.

It doesn’t say “Comments Are Closed.” But there are no comments.

Comments on earlier posts haven’t exactly been running heavily in support of the We Are One/Cullerton SB2404.

Some of my readers have told me that their critical comments never see the light of day on the IEA website.

I don’t bother to even try anymore.

But shutting it down the weekend before the final week of the General Assembly?

Nobody in the office?

Did they go fishing?


IEA NEA Board of Director Tom Tully contacted me to say he checked on the situation. IEA Communications Director Charlie McBarron told him it was a “simple oversight,” and would be corrected.

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7 thoughts on “IEA wants you to support benefit cuts. End of discussion. Comments are closed. UPDATE.

  1. Sha-a-a-a-a-a-z-z-a-am!!!!! Disappeared.

    Definition: disappear
    Synonyms: vanish, cease, abandon, abscond, be done for, be gone, be lost, be no more, be swallowed up, cease to exist, clear, come to naught, decamp, dematerialize, depart, die, die out, disperse, dissipate, dissolve, drop out of sight, ebb, end, end gradually, escape, evanesce, evanish, evaporate, exit, expire, fade, fade away, flee, fly, go, go south, leave, leave no trace, melt, melt away, pass, pass away, perish, recede, retire, retreat, sink, take flight, vacate, vamoose, wane, withdraw
    “IEA is interested in what you have to say.
    IEA is interested in what you have to
    IEA is interested in what you have
    IEA is interested in what you
    IEA is interested in what
    IEA is interested in
    IEA is interested
    IEA is
    IEA… ”

  2. I have speculated about union involvement in some of the State’s pension ramps etc especially when the unions started “the shared sacrifice” lingo:

    Is this the smoking gun?

    Reboot Illinois – Unions supported pension holiday in 2005

  3. Fred,

    When you go to the IEA Web page and just under the video of Jim Reed’s latest update and click on the red Legislative update you will have the opportunity to comment. You may have to join Vimeo.


    1. Tom,

      Every other post, Jim Reed’s past legislative updates included, have allowed members to comment on the IEA page. Only this one does a member have to post on the Vimeo site, rather than on the member site.


      1. So Tom. Why the change? And how do people know intuitively to go to Vimeo to post their comment? Or read comments? Why are we suddenly using a third party site to host member comments? Although we disagree, you have been fair and honest with me. Tell me this doesn’t appear suspicious.

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