Secret Rahm memo to Clinton: Step up attack on immigrants. Be Nixon on crime.

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The twelve-year limit on secrecy in the Clinton White House is over.

Now we get to see what Rahm told Clinton in the privacy of the Oval Office.

It’s not the image Rahm probably wants to have out there leading up to the 2015 election for Chicago Mayor.

But here it is.

A Nov. 20, 1996 memo from Emanuel to Clinton after Clinton won his second term.

“This is great,” Clinton wrote on the memo

Emanuel called for the President to expand immigration hearings in Illinois and six other states “to claim and achieve record deportations of criminal aliens.”

“The GOP Congress wants to fight the immigration issue out on government benefits. You want to take it to them on the workplace. The INS should be directed to expand the VIS to key industries, beyond meat-packers and poultry. Halfway through your term you want to claim a number of industries free of illegal immigrants.”

Emanuel told Clinton to use the  National Guard “to secure key metropolitan areas along the border.”

Clinton liked the idea.

The memo included a one-month moratorium on naturalization of immigrants “to review past files for criminal misconduct.”

Emanuel recommended Clinton take a page from the corrupt law-breaking Nixon administration.

“Since Nixon’s Law and Order campaign, crime has been a staple in the GOP platform,” he said. “Over the past four years, your policies have redefined the issue and allowed Democrats to achieve parity. The question you now face is how do we build on the last four years?”

18 thoughts on “Secret Rahm memo to Clinton: Step up attack on immigrants. Be Nixon on crime.

  1. 80% of the 2,000,000 “criminals” without papers deported by Rahm ally, Barak O’bomber were guilty of misdemeanor infractions like jaywalking or failure to pay a parking ticket. ESTAMOS HASTA LA MADRE.

      1. Obama earned the nickname Obomba because he dropped record bombs, went from two wars to seven wars, and by the end of his term, he was the first President to be at war every single day of his 8 year presidency, and all while keep a shine on that Peace Prize he won for promising not to be the warmonger he actually was.

        Maybe be less offended by the name calling, and more offended to 1 million plus dead because of illegal interventions and bombings in nations we’re not even at war with, in clear violation of all international peace agreements.

  2. Good that you published this. It’s so difficult to get my friends among the Democrats to believe that these things are actually happening. They simply don’t want to believe it.

  3. I know we’ll get tons of sympathetic and enthusiastic pro-immigration memos out of the Bush White House when the time comes.

    They’ll be SO much better than these guys on the issue. No, really.

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