George Schmidt. Here a doctor. There a doctor.



In a previous post I wrote about Terrence Carter. Carter was hired from Chicago to run New London, Connecticut schools. He claimed a Ph.D. without really having one. George Schmidt comments:

– George Schmidt is a retired Chicago public school teacher and publishes Substance.

Here a doctor… there a doctor…. everywhere a doctor DOCTOR…

Not to be missed is that “Doctor” Carter’s CPS experience was mostly as a “team leader” for AUSL. In one of the AUSL applications for state funding, they note that Carter was helping at their version of Collins High School, where he was supposedly spending five percent of his time at Collins.

Carter isn’t the only “highly touted” fraud to export from Chicago of late. Of course, the most famous is Arne Duncan (but at least he hasn’t mailed in for his doctorate — yet). Minneapolis discovered that Rick Mills had never gotten his superintendent’s license in Illinois — after they had hired him because he had been “highly touted” from Chicago…

Now Mills has elbowed his way into Sarasota, where the people on the school board who voted for his hiring are filled with regrets.

Jennifer Cheatham bailed out of Chicago and after an undistinguished career here for the top job in Madison, Wisconsin.

Pedro Martinez went from being Chief Financial Officer in Chicago to a top “educational” job in Nevada.

And of course it took four or five stops before someone caught up with the Paul Vallas frauds and fakeries — also in Connecticut. So just when America was freed from Vallas, Pat Quinn saved his “career.”

There are others, but those come to the top of everyone’s mind.

School districts around the USA should stop thinking that a Chicago administrators is “highly touted” when in fact that Chicago brand usually means FRAUD — whether it’s Arne Duncan, a retread satyr like Rick Mills, or that babbling buffoon Paul G. Vallas…

7 Replies to “George Schmidt. Here a doctor. There a doctor.”

  1. Several years ago one of our school board members sat on a plane next to that babbling buffoon, Vallas. He highly touted Lavonne Sheffield (Broad Institute alum) and lo and behold, they dropped other candidates and she was hired as our superintendent. In her three reign of hell, she did her best to destroy the Rockford Public School district and teacher morale. I’m happy to say we have recovered.

  2. Quinn’s choice of Vallas as Lt Gov. shows that he is more dangerous to public education than just a pension thief!

  3. Let’s face it, Mike–anywhere Vallas is, he is more dangerous (as opposed to his NOT being there, whereby he would be less dangerous). At least the nation of Haiti is safe from he & his carpetbagging buddy, Arne. They have enough troubles.

  4. If nothing else Jen Cheatem removed a crappy leader from Sullivan High School a scant year and a half into her principalship. Sadly a new crappy principal has been appointed.

  5. We are fortunate down here in Manatee County Florida that Rick Mills announced his early retirement as superintendent on July 31, 2015. He has divided our community and brought fear and intimidation to our district staff and teachers and many are happy to see him go. Now we have to try and pick up the pieces left in his wake. I pray for the next district he dupes into hiring him. Not a day of K-12 public school teaching experience… He has no business running a school much less a district.

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