Hinsdale issues scab call in preparation for teacher strike.


The HInsdale District 86 board is advertising for scab teachers.

This is a sign they are not interested in a negotiated agreement.

This is not about compensation or working conditions. It is about the union itself. The Hinsdale District 86 board wants to bust the union.

Daily Herald:

HINSDALE HIGH SCHOOL D86 J O I N U S! J O I N U P! Enroll in Hinsdale High School District 86’s Team Effort Dedicated to Your High School Students’ Future by Providing Continuous Education and Student Activity Substitute Teaching positions are now being offered to fill in for teachers choosing to walk off their jobs to support a Union agenda. You get: Academic Leadership of up to seven (7) daily one-hour class sections, featuring the top students in the Nation, plus Expert Administrative Guidance in Lesson-Planning Work side-by-side with Teaching Professionals who put Children above Union Leadership Satisfaction of Community Involvement in Re-Taking Control of Our Public Schools $257/day (Two (2) days of initial of training will be provided and Paid) Secure Entry and Exit from the Premises Opportunity to Augment Compensation by Coaching or Advising Student Extra-Curriculars You need only: A Four-Year College Degree and an ISBE Substitute Licensure/Certificate Clear a Fingerprint Background Check through District 86 or at the DuPage Regional Office of Education. Visit Hinsdale High School District 86’s Website and Apply today…

10 thoughts on “Hinsdale issues scab call in preparation for teacher strike.

  1. Just one more piece of evidence that it is the board majority of four who want a teachers’ strike, not the teachers.

  2. I was fit to explode when I read this. If I didn’t live so far away, I’d be joining the picket line tomorrow in support of teachers and would surround the scabs as they entered any buildings. How dare they! !!!!!!

  3. Jack London is spot on in his description of the “scab.” I would like to take two exceptions: the toad and the rattlesnake. Both of these creatures have an ecological purpose, unlike the vampire embodied by the Rauners of this world and the scab who does the vampire’s dirty work.

  4. Yes! Anyone with a degree in any subject and two days of training can replace teachers with multiple education degrees, years of professional experience, hours of professional training, subject matter expertice, pedigological expertice and the dedication/passion of a professional teacher!

  5. As a 30 year veteran teacher it hurts my heart to see what things politicians are doing to our education systems. I am so glad my children are now out of high school and believe me they got excellent educations in the public system and all were prepared for college. I thank all of their teachers because my children are now successful in college or in their careers and that is partly due to the dedication of their teachers. I only hope that our education system can withstand the political onslaught by foolish politicians who do not serve the public interest as I see is happening here in Hinsdale. Hinsdale community, take back your excellent education system from the self serving board. Your children are worth it.

  6. But what if you are a teacher and you need the money and you disagree with the strike. I don’t think it’s fair to make a group of people all agree on one decision when everyone has different lifestyles and needs.

    1. Is this a hypothetical question? Or are you someone who is thinking about taking a scab position at Hinsdale should the board be successful in provoking a strike? Because understand this anonymous: If the teachers in Hinsdale go on strike. And if the board is successful in opening schools (which is highly unlikely). And if parents were to send there children to a school to cross teacher picket lines (also highly unlikely). And if those same parents were to allow their children to be in the care of untrained people like you, every day, for the length of a strike (again, highly unlikely), then one day the strike will be over and you will be either out on the street again needing money again. Or you would be hired to work with those who were on strike and who would never speak to you. Ever. I know. I’ve seen it happen. It isn’t pretty. Whether you think is is fair. Or not. And you will be miserable. And you will deserve to be miserable.

      1. Fred is right.

        You seem to want to benefit at the expense of your colleagues. Don’t do it.

        Your school board, not your colleagues has put you in this position. Hold the correct group responsible. Your teaching job will become worthless to you if you choose to scab now.

        A teacher has to be pushed against the wall before they will even say the word “strike”. Don’t you think they need money too? You must stand as one faculty. You will NEVER be a part of the staff, no matter what you do in the future, if you cross the line.

        What teachers as a group have earned in the past, they sometimes had to earn by striking. Strikes were illegal then. Teachers were sometimes sent to jail for doing it.

        It was done then and is done now because it was necessary. Teachers are professionals, not serfs. When it is all over, “I need the money” won’t mean anything to your fellow teachers. They will only remember that you sold them out to benefit yourself.

        Stop rationalizing selfish short term behavior. It is a VERY immoral act to cross a picket line. Many people will never forgive you. EVER.

  7. What Jack London said…but yet… even lower.

    Scabs will be remembered as loathsome traitors to their fellow workers and the principled people who have sacrificed throughout our country’s history of worker exploitation.

    Union Strong…

    Scab weak…

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