I’m voting today for Chuy. According to the polls I represent 30% of the 35th Ward.


You know the common complaint about political polling.

“I never get polled.”

I do. Ogden & Fry calls me all the time.

Way more than my kids in Brooklyn call me.

A few weeks ago Ogden & Fry called me three times in one 24 hour period.

Never on my cell. Always on the same land line. Same voice. Same robo-call questions.

I laughed when I read yesterday that Ogden & Fry has Rahm with a double-digit lead over Chuy.

When I looked down to my 35th ward sample it was 11 people.

11 people.

Which means I represented 30% of my ward.

We joke that our Bagels for Carlos Rosa event put the alderman-elect over the top in his two-to-one victory over Rey Colon.

Apparently Odgen & Fry takes the Klonsky influence in the 35th ward a little too seriously.

We were joking, you guys!

What Odgen & Fry doesn’t take seriously is the Hispanic vote in my ward or across the city.

Reports the Sun-Times:

Once again, Ogden & Fry pointed out that “turnout and the under-polling Hispanic vote are two factors to still consider.”

Well, what the hell. It’s only the Hispanic vote. Ogden & Fry wouldn’t want to be too accurate counting Hispanic voters in this election with Jesus Chuy Garcia as one of the two candidates.

But they will count the Klonsky vote three times in one sample.

A word about Tom Swiss, the owner of Ogden & Fry.

Swiss as in the cheese.

Full of holes.

Swiss is a Republican white guy who ran against Derrick Smith in the Illinois 10th State Representative District. Smith was indicted and later convicted for corruption.

Smith was re-elected over Swiss even after his indictment.

Even though Ogden & Fry’s Tom Swiss put billboards up in the west side district with a picture of a Black guy.

For those of you who read this and are not from Illinois. Hey. It’s what we do.

We are trying to do better.

Ogden & Fry was wildly off in their pre-primary polling. By as much as 10% off.

Why does the press takes them seriously?

Why does the press take Rahm seriously as a mayor?

But they report this nonsense as if it is real news.

Here is what:

Rahm doesn’t have a double-digit lead.

The voter turnout for the April 7th election will be bigger than in the primary. There will be a large Hispanic vote.

Since a non-partisan mayoral runoff hasn’t happened before, nobody can say with certainty what will happen.

I am not 30% of the ward.

And the kids in Brooklyn don’t have to call.

I follow them on Facebook.


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