Welcome to Chicago, Hillary.

Clinton Emanuel

Maybe Hillary Clinton and the corporate Democrats can survive Bernie Sanders until mid March and the Illinois primary.

When she gets to Illinois she will have to make a decision. She will have to ask herself, “Do I want to have a photo-op with the most hated mayor in America?”

Will she even come to Chicago?

It was only a couple of years ago that the Mayor was floating his name as a possible presidential candidate.

Looking back, it is hard to even imagine.

A few months ago I was thinking that if Hillary got elected they would give Rahm a cabinet seat to get him out of town.

Now, Hillary can’t even afford to be seen with him.

Frankly, if the national Democrats are going to avoid this dilemma they need to push the guy off the stage pretty damn soon.

It’s true. It can’t be a surprise that I will be voting for my friends running as Sanders’ delegates.

Sanders has made it clear he has no use for Rahm Emanuel.

But the odds still favor Hillary getting the nomination. Of course, the odds have been wrong before.

And then there is November.

Do the Democrats really want to run nationally as the party of Rahm Emanuel?

8 Replies to “Welcome to Chicago, Hillary.”

  1. I plan to vote for Bernie. He is against charter schools and works to help average and poor Americans. He hasn’t been bought off by Super PAC’s, unlike Hillary.

    The mainstream media doesn’t want Bernie to win. They have been ignoring him. Here are some statistics of coverage. Notice that Bernie got 10 minutes of coverage.

    “Statistics abound demonstrating how Trump has cornered the market on television news. The Tyndall Report, which tracks content of network news, recently reported Trump has been the subject of 234 combined minutes of coverage this year on the flagship evening news broadcasts of CBS, NBC and ABC. Jeb Bush has received only 56 minutes during that time. Ted Cruz, who seems to have generated some recent traction with voters, has gotten only seven minutes. On the Democrat side, Tyndall’s data shows Hillary Clinton’s campaign got 113 minutes of coverage, while Bernie Sanders received a mere 10 minutes.”

  2. Sanders has been quietlly gaining. The MSM is fading. He needs to get to Chicago and wrap Rahm around her before South Carolina …..and he needs to talk nothing but trade China a in the rest of the midwest…trade has been a bigger winner for trump than his ongoing TV show. Sadly his racism has not hurt him. But on the positive Sanders can win but he needs to win Iowa and NH and close those souther states and Rahm could sure help there……….In Illinois we may becuause I am sure Madigan is haapy to sit backband watch Rahm and Rauner destroy each other.

  3. Rahm is a liability that is getting increasing toxic.

    Hilary is smart enough to know that.

    Unfortunately Rahmo has lot of dirt on all these guys and he will use it.

    BO needs to find a quick home to take Rahmo out the spotlight-

  4. Every educator I know in Tucson, AZ is #FeelingtheBern, and that includes many women who would have loved to have voted for a woman for president, but will vote for Sanders to dismantle the plutocracy.

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