Keeping retirement weird. Crossed wires.

The question remains.

Is he crazy? Or crazy like a fox?

The President of the United States claims he’s a victim of McCarthyism?

“Have you no sense of decency, sir, at long last,” said attorney Joseph Welch to Senator Joe McCarthy in June of 1954.

A good question for the Donald.

Of course, it has only been two months. Our long national nightmare (or sick joke) is just a few weeks in.

I mentioned yesterday on our radio show, Hitting Left with the Klonsky Brothers, how ironic it was that we had to watch our language per FCC regulations, but that the level of political language has now been so debased that politicians can use words we aren’t allowed to use on the air.

And historical revisionism is in full flower.

Frederick Douglass is alive.

Historically Black Colleges were founded to ensure school choice.

Trump is a victim of McCarthyism.

Let me just say that as someone who comes from a family victimized by actual McCarthyism, it was and never will be the rich and powerful who get to have that honor.

Perhaps it included some Hollywood writers and actors.

Mostly it was working class radicals who were jailed or lost their jobs in the Red Scare of the 50s. Their names are mostly unremembered except by family and friends.

Trump has his wires crossed. Not tapped.

Speaking of wires. Anne made the move yesterday and changed our telephone package.

We still have a land line phone but is can’t be used to make long distance calls, take voice mail and it doesn’t have caller ID.

The phone just sits there. Why do we keep it? Don’t ask.

It cost six dollars a month plus twenty-five in fees and taxes. We can make thirty calls a month, which is thirty more than we did last month.

I’m sure the government is listening to my calls, but unlike the Donald, I know it isn’t over any wires.

5 Replies to “Keeping retirement weird. Crossed wires.”

  1. When will he go away? Why don’t we have a feisty talking head to rival his demented Barbie clones and reject his addled nonsense? How did we get here???

  2. Is all of this nonsense a coverup to keep the public from wanting an investigation on Trump’s dealings with Russia? I loved the last comment about Schwarzenegger now blaming Celebrity Apprentice bad ratings on Trump. He needs to be blamed for something!
    Headline: President Trump Accuses Obama Of ‘Wire Tapping,’ Provides No Evidence…NPR
    March 4, 20179:04 AM ET
    …Trump did not produce evidence to support his assertions, nor did he cite the source of his information.

    On Weekend Edition Saturday, NPR’s Ron Elving notes the fact that Trump says he “just found out”:

    “It appears perhaps to be a response to a narrative in, the right-wing website that was previously published by Steve Bannon, the president’s senior adviser.
    “There, you will find a narrative about how the Obama administration was so intent on thwarting Donald Trump last fall that they had much of the intelligence community doing everything it could to gather skullduggery and information about Donald Trump.

    “And that would have included, according to Donald Trump, wiretapping his phones. But there does not seem to be any direct evidence of that.”

    “That is an extraordinary thing to hear from a sitting president about his predecessor,” NPR’s Mary Louise Kelly notes on Weekend Edition Saturday. For our Newscast unit, Mary Louise adds: “Tapping his phones would require a warrant from the foreign intelligence surveillance court.”
    She also says the director of national intelligence is declining comment…

    Shortly after his final tweet about Obama, which says “this is Nixon/Watergate,” Trump turned his attention to other matters, berating Arnold Schwarzenegger, his successor on Celebrity Apprentice. Schwarzenegger announced Friday he was leaving the show, blaming the show’s recent poor ratings on Trump.

  3. I could see where the NSA would want a warrant and authority from Obama to check up on Trump. After they overheard numerous Trump advisors and nominees while monitoring agents of the Russian government, they needed to know if Trump was in on it, or just a buffoon being used unknowingly.

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