LIfe in Rahm’s Chicago: “F… you,” he tells CTU leader. “And f… the school kids too.”

Back in November it was widely reported that Rahm Emanuel told Karen Lewis, Chicago Teachers Union President, “Fuck you.”

The reports were not denied by Rahm or his spokesmen.

Now, it turns out that he said the same thing to Chicago’s public school students. Or at least 25% of them.

Lewis told the Chicago Sun-Times she was “stunned’’ when Emanuel told her, over dinner, that “25 percent of these kids are never going to be anything. They are never going to amount to anything. And I’m not going to throw resources at them.’’

The remarks are too damaging for Rahm’s people not to try to distance him from them. But they are also too consistent with the comments made by Rahm’s CPS Chief Administrative Office not to be believable.

Lewis said that “evidence’’ that the mayor’s comments came months later, when his handpicked CPS Chief Administrative Officer, Tim Cawley, told reporters that CPS would not put repair dollars into a school with “a chance’’ of closure in five or 10 years. But Cawley said CPS likes the “bang” for the “capital buck” when physical building improvements coincide with academic turnarounds or other fresh academic starts.

Local School Council members this month cited Cawley’s comments in a lawsuit seeking to block the latest batch of school turnarounds, closings and phaseouts.

14 thoughts on “LIfe in Rahm’s Chicago: “F… you,” he tells CTU leader. “And f… the school kids too.”

  1. I can’t stand the fact that when I go to pay a ticket I’m in line with people who are complaining about these cams. People say I just paid a thousand last year and now I got to get on a payment plan for this year . You know when you buy a car you have to buy a window sticker and plate stickers every year and then they want you to have insurance . So the cost of driving is really bad and they keep finding ways to get money from people who can’t afford it we need a change in government to address these issues

  2. We need to make our schools a safe haven for our kids. And technologically equal to the suburban schools. We should seek out the best teachers and these schools should offer at least one free meal to those that qualify, and access to showers. The schools should also partner with the Red Cross and goodwill to help those that may need clothes and such.
    The only way to improve this country and help the impoverished is through education. Let’s make this a priority by any means necessary. And show the world what this country is really serious about equality and the advancemt of all who live here and want to be here!

  3. More mudslinging. There is no credibility to this. I ain’t saying Rahm is a good dude – he is a donkey – but when people twist things and invent things – they don’t win. Let him make his own mistakes – don’t fabricate mistakes for him.

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