The in box. I was told my school was slated for turn-around and was provided a list of free mental health services.


This morning a meeting was called, prior to our actual start time, to explain that my school was slated for turn-around. I was provided a handout that listed free mental health services and within five minutes I was required to retrieve my students and start my day. 17 years of working within a community , a neighborhood school, commitment, continued degrees, national board certification. Long enough to start to teach the children of former students. Relationships built, baby shower invitations, funerals and burials. My school is identified as a failure, the children failing and teachers, paras, and even the lunchroom lady failures. Starved for support, staying afloat with a wing and a prayer. Welcome to Rahm’s Chicago. I will be replaced, not with someone holding greater credentials or even knowledge but most likely someone cheaper. When graduates return as they do often to tell of us life’s journey no one will know them or how far they have come.

– urbanteach

4 thoughts on “The in box. I was told my school was slated for turn-around and was provided a list of free mental health services.

  1. Welcome to what I call “Nazi Fascist Amerika.” Just look at what we have become and who really runs this place before you say I am crazy. Just today it was announced that unemployment will continue at high levels for more than 4 more years. All they have to do is put back into place the former banking regulations which Bill Clinton signed out of law. Clinton is the one who set up the whole mess. 1994 NAFTA and WTO. The end of the free press with the 1996 Telecommunication Act. The end of stable banking with the 1999-2000 Banking Deregulation Acts. Now we have a real mess. And Obama has put that plan on steroids. We are now back in 1900 and the age of the “Robber Barons.”

    1. Don’t get me started on Clinton, who also gave us “Welfare to Work” without providing any added funding for child care to support parents working in minimum wage jobs. And he took away our ability to receive free broadcast TV, so that none of our old TV sets function anymore, and now we have to pay for cable TV –as if seeing the pores on people’s faces in HD is some kind of miraculous technological improvement. I don’t think so –and certainly not when it amounted to such a huge waste of existing TVs and VCRs and at such a high cost to consumers.

      We really need to remember how the tide turned against those of us who are liberal and progressive, not “centrists,” because few Democrats acknowledged such travesties at the time –or even now.

      Hilary may be running for president next term and she used to sit on the Wal-Mart board of directors, so I don’t think we’ll see any empathy coming from her either for all the victims of today’s corporate raiders. We really need to be on our toes for that election and, preferably, have a viable third party to represent a better informed 99% by then …

    1. Wake up school people. They have declared war. I have and the rest should also. This is not a simple game without real consequences.

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