John Dillon writes me after a meeting with Representative Jeanne Ives. She wants to turn our pension into a Ponzi scheme. “Let’s get naked.” UPDATED.


Been there. Done that.

UPDATED: In response to the ONE (male) reader who was offended by the 44 year-old picture of Woodstock, I have blocked the offending digits. I am nothing if not sensitive to the sensitivities of my readers.

MONDAY, JUNE 24, 2013

Re: A Meeting with Jeanne Ives at Panera Bread in Naperville by John Dillon

Hey, Fred -You missed a great meeting, Fred. Glen and I have been wrong all this time.  We make too much money, not too little, or even enough or what we deserve.  Before the meeting we may have believed in the legalities of the Illinois Constitution and the concept of a vested protection with Article XIII, Section 5; we might have thought that a 401k was not an acceptable form of retirement savings and would never pass federal scrutiny; we erroneously held on to the silly conviction that as taxpayers we too were taken advantage of when the state legislature took holidays – not to mention being burglarized by the theft of our pension earnings; we held a blind faith in our unions who are still complicit in dealing a bad hand to all of us who worked so hard as public employees; we might have obtusely considered the state’s problems a revenue issue; we might have wrongly figured the debt issue is separate from the normal costs; we might have been allowing the past history of investments in 401k’s color our better judgment that ownership of our own financial futures is better than the leveraging power and investing wisdom of TRS; we might even have vainly hoped that TRS and pensions might be around even at lesser funding than 90%.But we were wrong, Fred.Now we know HB3303 is the legal rapture that will set us (and you) free, Fred.  Free to invest our money on our own, without the state’s dirty fingers on it.  We can be adults like the rest of the taxpayers in the state.  And as taxpayers, Fred, we will no longer have to make up the shortfalls of an economy sent to ruin by Wall Street; instead, we can navigate our own future fiscal health with, well, with financial advisors from…  Never mind that, Fred.  Besides, Fred, the guy next to us reminded Glen and me that the markets have made that money back.  We’re so, so short-sighted, Fred.

C’mon, Fred.  Join us.  You can leave your clothes behind, Fred.  We’ll need nothing more than ourselves when HB3303 passes.

O joyous day, Fred!

–John Dillon

6 thoughts on “John Dillon writes me after a meeting with Representative Jeanne Ives. She wants to turn our pension into a Ponzi scheme. “Let’s get naked.” UPDATED.

  1. “I see the LIGHT!
    I SEE the light!
    Saint Ives has set me FREE!
    Free from the the need for money which is the root of all evil. Free from constitutions. Free from facts. Free from anything except what Jeanne Ives repeats as her Civic Committee mantra.
    I am now a sacred and naked scapegoat awaiting my just punishment.”
    – Manny Lou Screws

    If Jeanne Ives believes my fellow active and retired teachers are going to meekly and silently become willing victims to her bilious propaganda blather, she is as delusional as Manny Lou Screws.

  2. From:
    Subject: Fwd: First Meeting of the Conference Committee on Pensions
    Date: Monday, June 24, 2013, 8:28 AM

    FRED, Glen, John, Mike???
    South Suburban IEA-R Chapter Members:
    Is there anyone that is available to attend this meeting downtown, and represent IEA Retired? Most of our leaders are attending the NEA RA in Atlanta. Please respond to Janet Kilgus, our IEA Retired State Chairperson. See her address below.
    JoAnn Kenner

    —–Original Message—–
    From: Janet Kilgus

    Sent: Sun, Jun 23, 2013 8:30 pm
    Subject: FW: First Meeting of the Conference Committee on Pensions

    FYI – Please share with your members and encourage them to contact the members of the committee.
    Janet Kilgus
    IEA-Retired Chair
    From: Bob Lyons []
    Sent: Sunday, June 23, 2013 7:21 PM
    To: IEA-R
    Subject: First Meeting of the Conference Committee on Pensions

    Representative Nekritz emailed me that the first meeting of the committee will be 11 am on Thursday, June 27. 160 N. LaSalle Street, the Bilandic Building 6th floor. It is where Speaker Madigan has his office. Kwame Raoul will be the chair of the committee and it will be an open meeting.

    Bob Lyons

    These people need to hear from us often through the next several weeks. Our pensions are in their hands. Anything they decide must be Constitutional or the problem will just be continuing. A dedicated revenue source is the way to go rather than taking away from those of us who have always paid our share. Pass the word and let these people hear from us.


    Elaine Nektitz (D) — 57th District — Buffalo Grove —;

    Darlene Senger (R) — 41st District — Naperville —;

    Jill Tracy (R) — 94th District — Quincy —;

    Arthur Turner (D) — 9th District — Chicago — phone # 773-277-4700

    Mike Zalewski (D) — 23rd District — Riverside —


    Daniel Biss (D) — 9th District — Skokie — phone # 847-568-1250

    William Brady ® — 44th District — Bloomington — phone # 309-664-4440

    Linda Holmes (D) — 42nd District — Aurora — phone # 630-801-8985

    Matt Murphy® — 27th District — Palatine — phone # 847-776-1490

    Kwame Raoul (D) — 13th District — Chicago — phone # 773-363-1996.

    1. I will be attending and then will be flying to Atlanta the next morning. I know several other retirees who are attending as well. I will post it on my blog page today and have already posted on Facebook. Thanks for getting the word out.

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