NEA for Hillary next week.

Lily_Eskelsen_Garcia (1)

NEA President Lily Eskelsen Garcia skyping for Hillary.

What has been rumored for several weeks is now pretty much a sure thing.

The NEA board of directors are meeting next week and they will go through the motions of taking a vote.

But an endorsement of Hillary Clinton in the Democratic Party primary race is all but assured.

NEA President Lily Eskelsen Garcia has been making calls and having skype meetings with state leaders from around the country in anticipation of next weeks meeting, sending the message that she wants a Hillary endorsement.

In her talks with state union leaders around the country she has admitted that Bernie Sanders and the NEA are more often in 100% agreement on education issues but that Hillary is more electable.

This has echoes of the early no-strings Obama endorsement in 2012, although that was eventually brought to the floor of the NEA RA for a delegate vote. Since this is a party primary endorsement, a RA vote is not required.

Polls released today show Hillary down double digits to Sanders in New Hampshire.

12 thoughts on “NEA for Hillary next week.

  1. The NJEA PAC screening committee voted ‘no endorsement at this time’. This is being shoved down our throats. This is not going to go over well

  2. So the NEA will endorse at least four more years of the corporate takeover of public schools. Gee is my moral soaring now.

  3. I do not agree with this early endorsement. This demonstrates a disconnect between NEA leadership and in-classroom educators.

  4. Randi at the AFT already shoved it down our throats …. Hillary is thislcose to the Walton family, champions of charterizing …. starting to wish I could emigrate out of the USA ….

  5. Lily has been shoving Hillary at us since an NEA teleconference last spring. If NEA endorses Hillary in the primary my NEA pac contributions stop. There is no membership consensus for this. There are huge numbers who support Bernie Sanders. Endorsing in the primary is wrong. Endorsing someone already aligned with policies damaging to public education is beyond foolish – it dereliction of duty

    1. Really! Every teacher you know? Well, it’s a wonder they’re bothering to take a vote of the board of directors.

    2. What ???? NEA endorsed Obama, and if we had a voice at the table, it made NO DIFFERENCE. WTF crackingceilings….

      If NEA does do this, I will work hard to be vocal and visible against Hillary — to make sure all my friends and neighbors know that RATIONAL TEACHERS DO NOT SUPPORT HILLARY.

  6. I would speculate that fully 90 per cent of all classroom teachers oppose this action. as a career educator myself I cannot identify one teacher in favor of such a move without rank and file support.

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