Dick Durbin throws his arms around Rahm.


I suggested yesterday that Mayor Rahm was so toxic that he threatened the national Democrats.

I asked what would Hillary do if and when the Democratic primary was still an open race when it got to Illinois? Would she avoid any photo-ops with the toxic Mayor?

Senator Dick Durbin seems to think standing with the Mayor is no problem.

“The people protesting in his front yard are the same people that were working against him,” Durbin said. “He still has visible support in the African-American community. I saw that this week in my meetings and watching his meetings.”

In mid-December, Rahm was polling at a 56% disapproval rating. Things have not gotten better since then.

Said Durbin,

“I don’t question that there are things that happened under the mayor’s watch that have caused problems for him that he will still have to address. Those sorts of things are real and on his watch. But most of the things he’s facing are left over.”

Which is which, Dick? Is burying the video of the killing of Laquan McDonald for political purposes something from his watch, or left over?

Is Stephen Patton and the Mayor’s law department something from the Mayor’s watch, or left over?

Any Democrat who wants to choose this moment to stand with the Mayor is welcome to do it.

Whether that is Hillary running for President or Jaime Andrade running for 40th District State Representative in my neighborhood.

6 Replies to “Dick Durbin throws his arms around Rahm.”

  1. Dick Durbin is testing the waters for Hillary. Rahm is toxic and I think that having a white male politician stand up for him will not be the golden ticket to secure the minority vote. I am truly disappointed in Senator Durbin. He, too, apparently, is owned by the banks.

  2. I hope Rahm and Durbin both quickly exit their way from Illinois politics. Durbin has always been doubtful as a politician, in my mind. I would like to see who his corporate donors are.

  3. Dick Durbin is a machine (hack) politician who mixes in good deeds (which is simply common sense legislation) with low profile theft demanded by his corporate overlords. This behavior is meant to confuse voters as he brags about one humane piece of legislation that he passed while also stealing pensions and other vile things.
    Durbin is no more to be trusted than Rahm or Hillary. It’s all about the money – the money that re-elects them and adds to their coffers.

  4. He never polls well but never gets a primary opponent.About time he does. We get a really peppy deal from the feds on Medicaid he never fights for the state. If we got the Texas Medicaid rate we would also have plenty of money and he could shut up on pensions

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