4 Replies to “This guy is a Park Ridge school board member.”

  1. So, clearly this douchebag wants to target Muslims. How do I know this? He says ” you can’t offend them by targeting them.” By that statement alone he should be removed from the school board. If he believes we should “target” Muslims he should not be allowed to be in a position to make any policy that could “target” anyone. The PREA should go to the other douchebag board member, the Board President and ask that he ask for Mr. Paterno’s resignation. He won’t resign. Then the PREA should then begin a recall campaign to have him removed from the BOE.

    –The P.R. campaign’s title –When will Dathan Paterno “target” your child?

  2. A bigot has no place on any school board. What kind of an example does Paterno set for his community, particularly for its children? On top of that, this guy’s a doctor??? I suppose that one’s vocation and position as a public trustee doesn’t make one immune from being a bigot. But why the hell is someone like that sitting on a school board? He disgraces the entire community.

  3. It took forever to get Paterno to stop showing up at IEP meetings in D64 representing the parents/child. I can’t understand how he didn’t see this as a conflict of interest.

    Another good bit of gossip….one of the new assistant principals in D64 got drunk at an end of the year party, made an ass of herself, insulted a bunch of teachers, and then had a video of her drunkenness sent to the superintendent. Damn I wish that video had shown up on Facebook! Anyway, her “consequence” was having to apologize to the teachers she insulted. A teacher was suspended for two days without pay for supposedly making a mistake on an IEP. Seems inequitable to me.

    Her lack of judgment worries me. How can someone who isn’t savvy enough to know that it isn’t cool to get drunk at a work party make sound decisions involving a whole school? That she did this isn’t really surprising. D64 has been hiring administrators barely out of their teens recently. You get what you pay for.

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