6 thoughts on “Debbie.

  1. The minute I heard a woman ask that question at an MSNBC Town Hall (& was it Michigan?), my thought was that she was a plant, for the following reasons:
    1. The DNC figured Bernie would come across as irreligious & not believing in G-d, thus offending Michigan residents & people watching from all over the country;
    2. The DNC figured Bernie would “admit” to being Jewish, but not a devout Jew, thus offending many Jewish people;
    3. The DNC figured that Bernie would say what he said, that he is proud to be Jewish, & gave a touching answer (the “do unto others” belief), thus offending the militia groups/skin-heads in Michigan (& elsewhere), and any anti-semites who might just be Dems;
    4. The DNC figured that Bernie–an infrequent temple attender–would look really bad against devout Methodist HRC.

    Anyway–bottom line–all focused on making Bernie look bad.
    Which, as we Bernie campaign workers knew all along (& now, thanks to Wikileaks, everyone else knows, as well), has been the modus operandi of the DNC. (BTW, Robert Reich wrote an excellent piece on this entire situation.)

  2. This dismal vp choice and the emails yet to come have me worried Debbie and Hillary are going to hand the country over to the Donald and boy is he getting ideas from Turkey…the latest Hillary thinks Bloomberg is going to help…’s like a dytopian novel.

  3. I liked Debbie Wasserman Schultz before she became DNC chair with her obvious pro-Hillary bias. That was bad enough. Like Bernie, I wanted her removed from the chairmanship. Then came the news about her odious connection to the payday loan shark crowd. Talk about adding a hip replacement on top of a broken leg!!! Ouch!!! DWS just went from bad to really putrid.

    The revelation of the DNC e-mails this morning just proved beyond a doubt that she is a poster child for putting her self-interest over the interests of our country. Why was I shocked? Rather than wait for the end of the week for her departure, Hillary should have told her in no uncertain terms to get out of Dodge immediately. Instead, she’ll still be permitted to address the delegates. How will the DNC drown out the boos of 1200 Bernie delegates when she ascends to the podium. What are Debbie and Hillary thinking?

    What a start to a great convention!!! Hillary and your DNC pals, are you purposely throwing the election to Trump? What will you do for an encore???

  4. More to self …don’t forget republican scum..which somehow made me think of pension theif Ron Sandak…….don’t know exactly why.

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