Hitting Left. The Klonsky brothers radio. Episode #2.


I think we are starting to get the hang of this radio thing.

But, please continue the feedback on making it better.

Episode #2 featured a conversation with the dean of the Hispanic and Progressive Caucuses of the Chicago City Council, Ricardo Muñoz.

Our talk with Alderman Muñoz focused on the impact of Trump’s immigration policies on what Ric calls the Mexican Capital of the Midwest.

We also talked with the Alderman about Rahm’s infrastructure initiatives and who they serve.

And we touched on the fight for the progressive future of the Democratic Party.

My brother and I recalled the fight over the DeVos confirmation and what it portends for the future of the Department of Education and the future of public education in America.

Plus some sports talk, Illinois politics and some music.

3 thoughts on “Hitting Left. The Klonsky brothers radio. Episode #2.

  1. Fred –

    Living the dream in park ridge.

    I was surprised to receive a fundraising solicitation from my school principal for a private organization via his school district email account. I thought the gift ban act prohibited this kind of thing. My guess is this is not the only school district it might be happening in. Do you recall running across any legal opinions?

    Sent from my iPad


  2. I think it depends if the funds are to be used for some kind of a non-profit use, and it can sometimes be hard to tell. Comed and Nicor are for-profit, but have programs that use donations to help people who are unable to pay their electric and gas bills. What was the organization and what did they say their mission was?

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