They called it “forced” bussing for integration.

Boston in the seventies.

I remember very well back to the 70s the fight around what they called “forced” bussing to integrate our schools.

There were not many of us who supported bussing.

To paraphrase Kamala Harris, that twenty-something defending “forced” bussing was me.

And with others, we even had to argue with those on the Left who opposed it because they said it divided the working class. As if it weren’t divided already.

And no, it was not just Joe Biden among the Democrats who opposed bussing. After all, that’s why we needed the courts to order it.

And why, 20 years after Brown, did we need it?

And why is it that nobody mentioned the other night, or since, that our schools are still segregated?

One thought on “They called it “forced” bussing for integration.

  1. I know the black guy in the photograph! He introduced me once at Boston College, where he speaks.

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