Speaking of pensions.

Bloggers and pension activists Glen Brown (left) and John Dillon (right) join Park Ridge Education Association President Erin Breen at the Illinois Capitol last August. Glen, John and I will be speaking Wednesday night in La Grange.

November 6th, Illinois voters can vote no on a Constitutional Amendment that would threaten the pension protection clause that already exists in the state’s constitution.

Following the election, the Illinois General Assembly will meet in what is called a veto session where they may consider several bills that would go after public employee pensions. The problem with action in the veto session is that any bill would require super majority vote. Republicans will not vote for a bill that shifts the pension costs to local school districts.

Democratic Party Chairman and House Speaker Michael Madigan says he may wait for the next General Assembly where he needs only a simple majority.

Going over the Chicago Tribune’s state House endorsements, almost all of them involve endorsing candidates who are willing to violate the state constitution’s pension protection clause in order to cut benefits or increase employee contributions.

All this and more will be covered when bloggers and pension activists John Dillon, Glen Brown and I speak at Plymouth Place, LaGrange Park (315 N. LaGrange Rd.) on Wednesday (October 24) at 7pm.

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