How is Randi Weingarten’s view of the debate in the Democratic Party like her view of union democracy?

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A Reuters/Ipsos poll has a possible Hillary Clinton nominee with a double digit lead over the presumptive Republican and fascist, Donald Trump.

Polling has been notoriously predictably unpredictable – unable to predict much in this campaign.

But the polls have posed a problem for Clinton supporters. When the polls show that the race between Clinton and Trump as being close, they argue that Sanders should quit because his continuing campaign will cause Clinton to lose.

And when the polls show Clinton solidly ahead, they argue that Sanders should quit because he has no chance.

I suppose that’s what talking points are for.

American Federation of Teachers President Randi Weingarten is one of those Clinton supporters.

“I don’t believe I ever called on Bernie to not go thru June 7-I think calling it a contested convention is different,” responded Weingarten when I brought this up on Facebook.

How is it different?

“The nominating process ends when all the votes are in-saying it’s a contested convention if Hillary has enough total delegates to clinch the nomination is helping Donald Trump.”

No. The nominating process ends at the convention. I didn’t make up that rule. The Democrats did.

“That process is going on now-if one wants to beat Trump it is time to unify -and bring together the best of both’s ideas and values,” said the AFT President.

Wait. “It is time to unify”?

But I thought you were at least waiting for Tuesday.

Weingarten likes her Democratic Party run the way she runs her union.

You might not have heard, but last week her opposition in the New York City teachers union local swept all the high school positions on the executive board.

Nobody representing that opposition was chosen to attend the AFT convention this summer.

Arthur Goldstein was one of those elected. He wrote on his blog NYC Educator:

Here’s the thing, though. Along with half a dozen others from MORE/ New Action, I’ve just been elected by New York City high schools to represent them. We are, in fact, the only people the high schools elected. They chose us to be their voice, and that we shall, in UFT.

But every single AFT rep was chosen “at large.” That means that elementary, middle school, retirees, functional chapters, nurses, and who knows who else made this choice. So my question is this–who represents the dues-paying high school teachers at the AFT convention our dues support?

And the answer is crystal clear–no one whatsoever. The UFT reps will vote as a bloc, in any damn way they are told to. The concerns that moved high school teachers to choose us shall be ignored utterly.

Is there any reason why our voices shouldn’t be heard at AFT? We high school teachers represent more members than those in many NYSUT-affiliated unions. If fact, my school itself is as large as some. Why are we paying dues to NYSUT and AFT if we have no voice whatsoever?

I may go anyway, because it will be really easy to blog as a UFT Executive Board member shut out of the convention. I can specifically identify all the things that happen in which we have no voice.

And I guess I can see the house that Mary Tyler Moore pretended to live in when she did that great TV show many, many years ago.

That is Randi Weingarten’s vision of process: Make the rules work for you. If it doesn’t work for you, change the rules.


6 Replies to “How is Randi Weingarten’s view of the debate in the Democratic Party like her view of union democracy?”

  1. You know the only reason for AFT’s very early endorsement of Hillary (without rank and file consent btw) was because Hillary promised Secretary of Ed position to Randi if she did (assuming Hillary would win).

    1. Huh? I thought she promised it to Lily Eskelsen Garcia. This is starting to look like another version of The Producers.

  2. Randi is also a DNC Superdelegate. I am refraining from writing down all the blunt, coarse words flowing through my brain while thinking of how she forced Hillary’s nomination upon us. I she gets to read the following:

    Our union, which is supposed to be SO-O-O-O-O-O democratic, has become nothing but an ATM for you, Randi, and your chosen candidates. We were not polled on who to endorse, but you certainly have no problem squeezing us for our hard-earned checks.

    Randi, you sold us out so many times, and I’m sure you’ll keep the “accountability” train rolling. You have no qualms about Hillary Clinton’s closeness to those who wish to destroy our public schools. May Karma pay you pack a hundredfold what your cronyism has inflicted on America’s public schools.

  3. I understand that the Dems have “super delegates” and the Republicans do not use them. After investigating this a bit, it appears that the super delegate concept came about in 1982 after Carter had been beaten badly by Reagan. One of the justifications for implementation of the super delegate concept was supposedly to nominate a candidate who can win.

    There have been many polls stating that Bernie Sanders has a much better chance at defeating Donald Trump than Hillary Clinton has. If the Dems are serious about winning, they better take those pols into serious consideration. Trump is already stirring up the waters pretty good with his “Crooked Hillary” moniker. The general public is slowly starting to become more aware of her dealings that have given Trump the idea for the moniker. Trump is salivating to debate her, but he backed down from debating Bernie in California.

    The FBI investigation on Hillary’s e-mail usage is still ongoing If that investigation puts her in deep water any time after she gets the supposed nod from the DNC, it would trigger a situation similar to the one where Thomas Eagleton (McGovern’s VP choice) was discovered to have bouts of depression that were kept secret from the public. As a result, McGovern was defeated. If the DNC is serious about defeating Donald Trump they better take a look at who has a better chance at winning in November. In my opinion, there is only one choice…..BERNIE SANDERS!

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