Weird logic.


My friend and Perfection Caucus blogger Glen Brown posted a great piece on Trump logic the other day.

My only problem with Glen is the assumption that reason and logic carry any weight these days. It is very questionable when it comes to some people.

Let’s look at an example of, in the words of Tom Paine, administering medicine to the dead.


First, to be clear, having the highest paid teachers in the country means nothing when you look at the data.

Being the highest paid in a profession that notoriously is non-competitive with those in comparable professions hardly earns a smiley face.

The difference between the salaries of teachers in major urban districts like Chicago, LA and NY is negligible. Being first means nothing.

Teacher salaries in major urban districts are way below what someone with similar college degrees, certification and years of experience earn in the private sector.

With what we know about the current CPS offer on the table is that a third of the teachers in Chicago are not eligible to receive any step or lane movement, meaning without a  fair salary increase, they will earn even less in the future.

Rather then address the illogic of his first statement about Chicago teachers having the highest salaries, Cunningham pivots to a new topic.

“Too bad the thief and his victim didn’t report it to the police together after the robbery took place.”

Forget Tom Paine. If Casey Stengel were alive today he would be turning over in his grave.

6 Replies to “Weird logic.”

  1. Teacher salaries in major urban districts are way below what someone with similar college degrees, certification and years of experience earn in the private sector.

    Gee – I know you don’t like it, but last I heard, this was still a semi-sorta-theoretically free country. If money is the issue, work in the private sector. If you choose to take a job known to pay a poor rate, isn’t that sort of – like – your choice? But I’m sure you’ve got a jim-dandy argument about how that choice is irrelevant to you unionistas.

  2. When comparing compensation to private sector you must include the value of all benefits, including pension and its associated guarantee. That guarantee is HUGE, and is worth something.
    Take Fred for instance. The pension should have put aside something in the vicinity of $2,500,000 for his pension. There are very few private pensions that do that any longer. How much is that Fred, on an annual basis.
    Teachers also work 3/4 of a full year, so you must take that into consideration also.
    The numbers add up quickly folks. All is not as it appears.

    1. You know nothing about pensions if you believe that the pension systems “put aside” a quarter of a billion dollars for each retiree. Our salary compensation is based on a per diem. No paid holidays. No paid vacation. If, as you suggest, teachers work on a 12 month contract, we would need to be compensated for it. Or did you think that would be free?

  3. Sorry for the short comment but it’s dark now and I need to get to the cemetery and pass out some antibiotic so I can get back and see the latest lack of reason from Trump

  4. Why not compare Chicago teacher salaries with the surrounding areas. Compare to Wilmette or Kenilworth or Naperville or Hinsdale. We all have about the same expenses. And Chicago is the lowest. And Chicago has the worst conditions and the neediest kids. Not hard to play the compare game.

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