I am guessing that Paul Vallas will do for the Fraternal Order of Police what he did for urban schools. Except he will screw them for free.

The City of Chicago is at an impasse in their bargaining with the Chicago Fraternal Order of Police.

The FOP and their Trumper president, John Catanzara, refuse to bargain police accountability.

I don’t think the Mayor should have to bargain police accountability. The collective bargaining agreement of the FOP is used to shield Chicago cops from prosecution for abuse and murder.

It is a stain on the bargaining process. Every union member should reject the authenticity of the FOP as a union.

The Illinois legislature should act to remove accountability as a subject of bargaining.

No way should Mayor Lightfoot have to negotiate with John Catanzara over whether cops are above the law.

And in walks Paul Vallas.

Yes. THAT Paul Vallas.

Paul Vallas has headed school districts in Chicago, Philadelphia, Bridgeport, Connecticut and New Orleans and has been chased out of every one of those cities.

He has offered to advise the FOP for free, pro bono.

Paul Vallas helping the FOP might be good news for the Mayor.

He is a reverse Midas. Everything he touches turns to shit.

When Pat Quinn ran for governor against Bruce Rauner he picked Vallas as his running mate. That sealed Quinn’s fate who was beaten by the Republican Rauner in one of the bluest state’s in the country.

When Vallas ran for mayor in the last election he barely got 6% of the vote.

FOP president John Catanzara says that Paul Vallas acting as a free consultant in their bargaining with the city is a game changer.

“When it comes to budgets and numbers, Paul Vallas is in a class of his own. That was the point of having him involved, to basically let the city know we weren’t playing games. We were going to bring experts,” Catanzara said.

Mayor Lightfoot was not impressed.

“The new FOP contract will contain accountability and reform proposals. Rather than being obstructionists, the FOP should come to the table with seriousness about the reality of the current world of policing,” the Mayor’s office responded

“To no surprise, President Catanzara remains focused on political stunts and preening for the media rather than having any sense of urgency about concluding negotiations.”

“I will help them pro bono,” says Vallas. “They want me to give them financial advice, help them ask for the right information, ask right questions and give them an honest, informed assessment of the city’s financial options.”

He’s worth every dime they’re paying him.

6 thoughts on “I am guessing that Paul Vallas will do for the Fraternal Order of Police what he did for urban schools. Except he will screw them for free.

  1. I guess he’s planning to run for mayor again. He’s gotta put himself “out” there: the other night, he was on the 10 PM local news w/parents in a northwest suburban (is he even a RESIDENT out there?!) school district who were demanding the end of remote learning & a return to school. Peeve (for PV) was basically saying (if he didn’t actually say it–it was quite a few nights ago) that kids shouldn’t be home because some people didn’t want to come in & work (seems like he was referring to educators). Funny, that, since two of our large, local high school districts (4 separate campuses: Glenbrook 225–both North & South, & New Trier Twp. East & West) shut down, due to a number of covid cases traced back to weekend parties.
    Funny, too, that Peeve is on Joan Esposito’s Show on WCPT–every Wednesday. You know, WCPT–“PROGRESSIVE”
    Talk Radio? I didn’t know he was a progressive, did you? He was originally a Republican, then switched to Democrat
    (albeit a DINO–Democrat in Name Only) when it suited him to run for office (he’s not won one office he’d run for, & you see what a low %age of votes he received in Chicago’s last mayoral race. &, then, his “pro bono” consulting work for the money-challenged Chicago State University (I suppose, as w/the FOP, he was all set to “help”) which–surprisingly!–turned into a paid job. Then he left, rather abruptly, as his ears had pricked up at Rahm’s announcement that he would not run again. Anyway, expect Catanzara to wind up paying Peeve some BIG $$$ out of the FOP’s pockets. Of course, another question one might ask is why Mr. V is wanting to help the highly praised Catanzara–highly praised, that is, by
    none other than the current president of the U.S. Will Vallas switch parties again? Will he attempt to build a war chest to prevent Mayor Lightfoot’s re-election? (We all know she is such a favorite of the commander-in-chief: she has fully cooperated w/allowing the National Guard to come in, freely allows ICE agents to run amok in Chicago, arresting people & putting them in for-profit prisons, or taking them straight-away to O’Hare, & she has never Tweeted/said an unkind word to or about it45.)

    BTW, Vallas was never really the schools chief in Bridgeport: a judge ruled he wasn’t qualified unless he took some ed. admin. classes, which he never did, & so he was out. But–it did look good on his resume, when he applied for a school superintendent’s job in Louisiana (that, after having causing the privatization & ruination of the New Orleans Public Schools. (I highly recommend reading Mercedes Schneider’s blog–Deutche (sp-?) 49 on this one.)

    If not for mayor, he will run for some other office. Just a matter of time.

    1. Your description of Mayor Lightfoot is not connected to reality. She “freely allows ICE agents to run amok in Chicago, arresting people & putting them in for-profit prisons, or taking them straight-away to O’Hare, & she has never Tweeted/said an unkind word to or about it45.)”? Our Mayor has never said “an unkind word or about it45″? Ridiculous. “I will code what I really want to say to Donald Trump,” said our Mayor at one point. “It’s two words. It begins with F and it ends with U.” Perhaps you are unaware of the Sanctuary City Status of our city and the order by the Mayor of non-cooperation with ICE given to the CPD. “Freely allows ICE agents to run Amok?” That’s simply untrue. You are also wrong about Vallas as superintendent of Bridgeport schools, which he was until he decided to run with Pat Quinn. https://ctmirror.org/2013/11/08/vallas-step-down-leader-bridgeport-schools/

      1. No, no—I was being SARCASTIC, Fred!!!! I think the world of Mayor Lightfoot!!!

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