Teach Strong for Hillary.


Teach Strong?

What the hell is that?

It is this.

Who is kidding who? It is the education arm of the Hillary campaign dressed up as a school reform coalition.

It is organized by the Clinton backed Center of American Progress and includes all the Democratic Party corporate school reform groups.

And the NEA and the AFT.

What do our two national teacher unions, ex-Duncan advisor Peter Cunningham’s Education Post, the National Council on Teacher Quality, Stand for Children and Teach for America all have in common?

Hillary Strong.

16 thoughts on “Teach Strong for Hillary.

    Bernie 2016!
    And please, please read Diane Ravitch’s recent post on HRC (over 81 comments) to find–w/in the comments–an interview answer that Bernie gave RE: charters & privatization. (Against them, of course.) It is NO surprise that his comments often do not make the mainstream media. Berners–please make sure to get his public education message out there!
    And readers, please write to the Bernie 2016 website & voice your concerns–there are too many issues out there. Unlike the deaf ear of Obama, your concerns will be heard & addressed (even if they’re not brought up in the debates or forums). Send e-mails; call!!!

  2. I guess it’s Green Party time once again. Public school teachers are betrayed again and can’t trust the Democrats.

    1. Start working very,very hard for Bernie, & get everyone else to do so, as well.
      And–I am serious, too!

      1. Do she? I haven’t really heard much more from Bernie than I’ve heard from Hillary. He tends to stick to the uncontroversial “universal pre-k and free college” lines that all the Democrats support, as well as the “civil rights” script. I’m pretty sure he’s in favor of testing (but not “over testing”), Common Core and much of “accountability”. If you can point me to where he’s said otherwise, I’ll be thrilled.

  3. We cannot form a circular firing squad. There’s too much at stake. My first candidate is Bernie. I will support him all the way. I have at least two serious issues with Hillary, specifically over education and her relationship with Wall Street. As much as I resent her for both, I will support her over any Republican should she become the Democratic nominee.

    Don’t forget that the next president may replace Ruth Bader-Ginsburg in the first administration and possibly several more in the second administration. Continued Republican domination of the high court for another generation will be, in effect, the end of the future of our children, grandchildren, and the United States of America.

    Let’s not form a circular firing squad…

    1. Ruth Bader-Ginsburg needs to decide what she’s doing *now*. If she risks a Republican presidency and then can’t make it to the end of it, that’s on her. Same with the other older justices.

  4. Perhaps if I lived in a swing state I would vote for her in the general election, and then hope a long shower and shot of tequila would make me feel better about it.

    Make that three shots of tequila.

    But as New York is true blue, I will vote third party in lieu of a Bernie nomination. The Democratic Party needs to be sent the strong and clear message that liberals/progressives demand it return home to the principals it has sold to the highest bidder.

  5. I am afraid the race will turn into a choice of “bad” vs “worse”. We had that in Illinois and now have the worst governor for education we have ever seen. He is intent on removing collective bargaining and fair share for teachers and all other public employees. He wants Chicago Public Schools to declare bankruptcy and bust the Chicago Teachers Union. He has gutted the budget for state universities and community colleges and defaulted on the states pension contributions. The list of bad things Governor Rauner has done goes on and on.
    While I prefer Bernie, and I feel Hillary would not be a very good president, I would hold my nose and vote for her in an effort to stop the Republican candidate, as any of them would be much worse.

  6. Not knowing where Bernie stands on education is a symptom of not looking. Here:
    Where does Bernie stand on No Child Left Behind?
    Bernie strongly opposes the NCLB:

    “I voted against No Child Left Behind in 2001, and continue to oppose the bill’s reliance on high-stakes standardized testing to direct draconian interventions. In my view, No Child Left Behind ignores several important factors in a student’s academic performance, specifically the impact of poverty, access to adequate health care, mental health, nutrition, and a wide variety of supports that children in poverty should have access to. By placing so much emphasis on standardized testing, No Child Left Behind ignores many of the skills and qualities that are vitally important in our 21st century economy, like problem solving, critical thinking, and teamwork, in favor of test preparation that provides no benefit to students after they leave school.”

    Instead of NCLB, Bernie has called for a more holistic method of education that gives teachers more flexibility and students more support systems.

  7. Thank for the information, Paul. And please read Diane Ravitch for a recent post RE: Vermont, as it seems to be the best state for public education in the country.
    Which is why we Berners are asking him to address these issues more publicly. Again, go to Bernie 2016 & tell him to discuss the Pre-K-12 issues & his positions more; it’s not necessarily going to come up in the next debate (although, it should, of course).
    As I’ve said, it’s not like writing to Obama, which has always been, of course, a complete waste of our time.

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