I did not get $1500 to protest Trump. That would be about €1650.


Anne and I have been saving up for our 40th anniversary trip to Paris and Bordeaux for a while.

It’s not cheap. In Paris they charge you to pee.

So I was unhappy to read that Donald Trump claims protesters at his rallies were getting $1500 from the Democratic National Committee.

$1500 is equal to €1650 right now. It would have come in handy. At Paris prices we could have bought an extra bottle of wine for dinner.

Okay. Things aren’t that expensive.

I was at the first Trump protest in Chicago last Spring. Along with about 10,000 others.

First of all, I didn’t get $1500. I was free. So was Anne.

Second of all, I wouldn’t give to or take $1500 from the Democratic National Committee.

Not at any price.

Most of the rest of the crowd were Bernie supporters and based on what I have been reading in WikiLeaks,  I doubt the DNC was pumping much money into that bunch.


4 thoughts on “I did not get $1500 to protest Trump. That would be about €1650.

  1. Fred,
    How are the baguettes, croissants, and the great Camembert cheese? In Bordeaux, try to find a 2009 or 2010 Medoc. I have to agree with my “little brother,” Paul Zafrani, a retired foreign language teacher (French, of course) and resident wine expert that the 2009 and 2010 Bordeaux vintages were the best in recent years.

    Have you been to Versailles yet? There’s one of history’s great examples of the ruling class’ excess. We all know what happened to King Louis XVI and his spouse, Marie Antoinette of “Let them eat cake” fame. Do you suppose that there may be a lesson for our “ruling class,” like Rauner and Rahm? What was the news two years ago about Rauner’s and his $140,000 wine club? Bruce’s bottle was only a Napa Reserve that I’m sure doesn’t hold a candle to a 2009 or 2010 Medoc.

    My best to you and Anne. Enjoy the rest of your trip!


  2. Fred,

    Always thought your math skills were a little suspect. $1500 converts to €1364. Enjoy the wine and have fun.

    1. My math skills are fine. I am not fooled by the official exchange rate. I am going by what happens on the street. What we call reality or the actual cost of things.

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