On Saturday four million in the streets made America great.


“The Democratic Party has got to make it very clear that they are prepared to stand up to powerful special interests like the pharmaceutical industry and like Wall Street, and they’re not going to win elections and they’re not going to be doing the right thing for the American people unless they have the guts to do that,” said Sanders, the leader of outreach efforts for Senate Democrats. USA Today




Cleveland coach Greg Popovich on Trump and the Women’s March (low sound).










7 thoughts on “On Saturday four million in the streets made America great.

  1. Peaceful protest as far as I can tell. That’s great. Message was pretty spot on except for Madonna who pretty much gave a black eye to the cause by spouting off about blowing up the White House. All for peaceful protests but not keen about terrorism! But then again she was pretty much discredited when she offered sexual favors to those who would cast their vote for Hillary. Of all people, she is preaching about women’s rights and denounces objectifying women when she herself spent over a quarter century prancing around on stage, unlike a virgin, objectifying herself and all women. Hypocritical. Again this will hurt the cause. Maybe Trump paid her as Karl would like to think.

    1. Four million men and women marched around the world and all you can do is focus on Madonna. Hmmm. We don’t need a degree in psychiatry to see what this is about.

    2. I don’t really know what you’re attempting to defend: racism? misogyny? bigotry? total environmental destruction? economic destruction? narcissism? incompetence? plutocracy? oligarchy? fascism?… Are you comfortable with six Goldman Sachs insiders in the Trump administration? You’re certainly not defending anything that resembles American democracy. And, you’re concerned about Madonna?

      Evidently, the “yuge” protests against Trump’s and the Republican Party’s devastating agenda must have given you a sleepless night. I slept much better last night than I have since Nov. 8th. It feels great to have someone like Madonna to fight with us, the majority of Americans. With the exceptions of “tough guy” Chuck Norris, deluded Jon Voight, and a few Ted Nugent types, no one with an ounce of brains in the entertainment world wants to have anything to do with Trump.

      It’s getting more and more comical each day to listen to Kellyanne’s and Sean’s (Spicer) blather when they try to explain Orangehair’s laughable tweets, utterances, and anti-Trump events, like yesterday’s women’s marches across the world. How long will Kellyanne or Sean have the stamina to pull the wool over our eyes? It’s clear that the two of them are already working overtime for their orange-haired master. The vast majority of Americans are already tired of the bulls..t, and we’re just in the second full day of the Orangehair administration.

      I’m not your enemy, far from it. You’re also under threat by the orange-haired guy for whom you’re running interference. Unless you’re a Wall Street billionaire and prospective Trump appointee with the possibility of later going through the “revolving door,” why don’t you join us who are fighting for what we once took for granted and are now under serious threat, like representative government, freedom of speech, freedom to assemble peacefully, fairness, justice, and many more things? My biggest concern is for the environment. How about it?

      1. I’m not your enemy either. BTW, I slept fine last night and since the election. But I am concerned that you, or anyone, would support someone who had thought about blowing up the White House. In my mind that is so far out there that it’s beyond reprehensible. I also heard Trump’s inauguration speech and I think I heard something completely different from what you heard. Concerned about Madonna, not really. The entertainment folks, they aren’t real people. They don’t live in our world. But they do have influence and for Madonna to make the statement she did only hurts the cause, the country, causes division among our people.

        I know this isn’t about Hillary right now . But we basically had 2 choices, unfortunately, for president. As much as you despise the orange man, I despise Hillary. She was a career politician with her own agenda, part of which was to line her pockets. Foreign governments want nothing to do with her foundation anymore. That speaks volumes about what Clinton’s intentions were. Also, as much as she tried to act like she cared for minorities, she really only wanted their vote. After the election minorities would have gone 3 years before Hillary would return to say what she needed in order to get their vote again. But in the meantime she would have done nothing to help those who so dearly need education, jobs and social services etc. Frankly, I dont trust Hillary. She ran for office with far too much baggage. That is why I voted for Trump. I didn’t like Trump nor am I defending him as you previously mentioned. He won by default. We all have opinions about why we vote for a candidate or in this case against a candidate. I watched the inauguration and I heard, and want to believe, pray/hope, that Trump will do the right things. He is a businessman, not a career politician. Granted, he’s not polished and is like a bull in a China shop. But hopefully he puts the country’s and its citizens (all of them without prejudice) interests before his own. Career politicians just aren’t getting it done. Maybe Trump will even drain the swamp.

        I am going to hold onto hope that Trump will do some, not all, of what he said he would do. With the ego that Trump has, I think he will want to leave the country in a better place that when he took office. But for now he is our president and will be for 4 years. As a country we need healing and unity across all races, religions, and religions.

      2. #Alternative Fact. “But I am concerned that you, or anyone, would support someone who had thought about blowing up the White House.”

  2. I went for a walk yesterday, on a stunning January day in Chicago.As i walked past the trees in the Swallow Cliff Preserve my mind wondered back fifty years.That day in 1967 was overcast but just as warm, we played football,and climbed on a roof to experience the southern breeze. Then four days later all hell brook loose.

    1. You made me do it, though I really didn’t want to waste my time. Guess what? I wasted my time by searching for Madonna’s speech. I found it, listened to it, so that I would be able to comment on it. I found exactly what I suspected… Can you imagine Madonna digging a tunnel under the White House, carrying a ton of dynamite sticks, and lighting the fuses? Maybe, she’ll do it the really old-fashioned way, like Guy Fawkes under the House of Parliament, and plant a huge barrel of gun powder and then light the fuse. Do you think that she’d make it out of the tunnel in time? She didn’t advocate violence and she certainly didn’t advocate “blowing up the White House.” It was clearly a metaphor for the depth of her anger; and nothing more.

      Typical of people from the “way out there” political spectrum, you searched for any little excuse that would give you some tiny reason to express your fake outrage in order to trash not only Madonna, but the 600 marches that occurred around the country. Anybody who takes Madonna’s “thoughts about blowing up the White House” literally can be fooled as easily into voting for a monster like Trump.

      Just as flimsy as your worries about Madonna’s thoughts are your reasons for not voting for Hillary: “She was a career politician with her own agenda, part of which was to line her pockets.” You don’t say??? You have NO concerns that Trump refuses to release his tax returns. Hillary did. You have NO concerns that he hasn’t divested himself from his businesses, and with it, has incredible conflicts of (business/political) interests that have serious national security implications? You have NO concerns about his record as a serial liar? Speaking of “lining pockets”…

      “He’s a businessman and not a politician.” What is that supposed to mean? Throughout American history, “businessmen” never had a stellar records as politicians. Apparently, you know nothing about his sordid “business” past. Find some credible sources like the writer, David Cay Johnston, who challenged Trump to answer 21 questions. Do a Google search. Also, look at the articles written by a great investigative reporter for the New York Times, Kurt Eichenwald. By all (factual) accounts, Trump became a “toxic” “businessman” with whom American banks, contractors, and other interested parties won’t do business. Figure four major bankruptcies, failures to pay those contractors and their workers for services rendered. Then, there’s the matter of his 3000+ outstanding law suits. Some mob connections are also part of Trump’s business dealings. None of this disturbed you? Hillary is worse than this?

      So you slept well since November 8th, including last night, huh? Maybe, this will interrupt your long stretch of good sleep. By your own admission, you indicated that Trump is “a bull in a china shop.” A bull can destroy a china shop in short order. Why would you entrust a “bull in a china shop” which is another term for “loose cannon” with the nuclear codes? Sleep well tonight!

      Where you could have made a case against Hillary, but didn’t, was her support of some neo-liberal economic (Milton Friedman) policies like “free trade” and charter schools. She deserves criticism for her speeches to Wall Street bankers, but Trump is trying to install six Wall Street bankers into his cabinet. I agree with Bernie Sanders that she didn’t always exercise “good judgment,” but he never used your absurdity that “she was a career politician with her own agenda to line her own pockets.” Trump doesn’t have his own agenda regardless of what you call him??? Speaking of lining one’s pockets!!!

      As far as her personal “baggage” was concerned, most of it was “trumped up” by Republicans over the years — Vince Foster, “she ran a child molestation ring out of a New York pizza shop,” her e-mail server, “Benghazi, Benghazi, Benghazi”… Trump was/is a cheat. a fraud, a racist demagogue, a “pussy grabber, and thoroughly corrupt: Where are his tax returns? Why won’t he divest himself from his businesses? Even to hint ever so slightly that there’s some kind of equivalency between Hillary and Trump is the height of lunacy. You proved my case that you’re dense and I’m being kind!

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