The last Sunday in July.

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This week’s Hitting Left with with guests John Daley, Niketa Brar and Elisabeth Greer.

This week’s cartoons:



This week’s Hitting Left with the Klonsky Brothers episode #25


My appearance on Live From the Heartland with Katy Hogan, Michael James and Thom Clark.


4 years ago, thought-leader Fred Klonsky called me a “Chicago activist” – I still hold it as one of the highest honors I have ever received.

He wrote, in part: “But I love what is happening at Senn. I love it because it appears to be a community of parents and teachers and community talking to each other. What counts as success is based on measures you are creating.”

Hey you, Be your own activist. Visit:


This important and energizing primer to all active teachers and faculty leadership goes out as schools begin to gear up for the new academic year, meetings about contracts, or possibly new board elections.

Last year, a dedicated team of teachers successfully took on the incumbent Tea Party in an Illinois School District with the help of the entire faculty and a carefully constructed plan to tap into positive messaging.  Reading this outline is so motivating and helpful, I hope you will scrutinize and pass along.   You gotta admire these guys!  – John Dillon


Sunday morning. Logan Square. Walking to the Farmers Market.


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