Chicago’s Columbia College part-time faculty strike!

Columbia College part-time faculty strike today.

In 2015 part-time faculty were debating decertification as an affiliate of the Illinois Education Association.

A majority voted to get out of the IEA, feeling that the union was not fighting for adjunct, part-time faculty.

The debate over decertification took place – in part – on this blog.

You can find the posts and comments from 2015 here.

Today members of the independent Part-time Faculty Association of Columbia College went out on strike.

They were joined by members of the Chicago Teachers Union and others who are appalled by the conditions of adjunct faculty, not just at Columbia, but across the country.

“We have part-time people who have to live out of their cars,” said Prexy Nesbitt, a faculty member who has taught African history at the school for thirty years. “We have part-time people who are struggling to get enough money to be able to make it to all the jobs that they have to go.”

The contract expired Aug. 31, and the faculty Association has been bargaining since July.

The union represents about 1,200 faculty members at Columbia College. The union said at least 50 classes were canceled today.

6 thoughts on “Chicago’s Columbia College part-time faculty strike!

  1. Fried, if they do not like the conditions they have elected to get into….GETOUT!!
    They have a choice! Move on!

    1. Or. Join a union and engage in collective bargaining which includes the right to strike. No caps. No exclamation point.

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