The final Hitting Left of 2018. Lori Lighfoot, Niketa Brar and co-host Brandon Johnson.

I am joined by Lori Lightfoot, Niketa Brar and guest co-host Brandon Johnson.

This week’s 93rd edition of Hitting Left will be the last one of 2018. We will be back on January 4th, 2019 with guest, veteran Chicago political activist and strategist, Don Rose.

My brother has already hit the road. He’s is taking a week in Florida before coming back for some knee surgery.

Once again, we turned to Brandon Johnson, former political organizer for the Chicago Teachers Union and a teacher before that, to be a guest co-host.

Since his last co-hosting gig on our show he is now the newly elected member of the Cook County Board of Commissioners. He also has a regular Sunday morning show of his own on Chicago’s WCPT, progressive talk, on 820am at 9:00.

Lori Lightfoot is a Logan Square neighbor, a former Assistant United States Attorney, President of the Chicago Police Board and former Chair of the Chicago Police Accountability Task Force.

She is one of a number of women of color who are running for Chicago mayor. This is in stark contrast to the recent stag Illinois Democratic primary for governor.

She is the first openly gay candidate running  for the office.

Niketa Brar returns for the third time to Hitting Left.

Brar was active in the fight to keep the CPS board from closing the National Teachers Academy. A recent court decision, followed by a decision not to appeal, means that the NTA will remain open.

When I noted how rare keeping a public school open in Rahm’s Chicago, Brandon corrected me and reminded me that the decision to close Dyett High School was also reversed after community opposition and a hunger strike.

Although ending in a court fight, keeping NTA open was also the result of action in the street and powerful community organizing.

That’s what they both have in common.

Niketa is now involved with the Vote Equity Project. 

You can hear the podcast here.

One thought on “The final Hitting Left of 2018. Lori Lighfoot, Niketa Brar and co-host Brandon Johnson.

  1. Glad you had on Lori Lightfoot and mentioned both her LSq connection and being 1st openly gay candidate to run. People need to hear these things and know how much a role LSq has played and continues to play in Chicago’s LGBT history…

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