Killing edTPA in Illinois.

In 2015 it seems like I was posting daily about the terrible teacher certification program, edTPA. Like this one from the Illinois Coalition for edTPA Rule Change. edTPA was part of the corporate education reform movement that privatized teacher certification, cheapened the actual experience of what we call student teaching, and removed the classroom teacher […]

Urgent. Act now. edTPA rule change.

State Representative Linda Chapa La Via is a sponsor of HB 6128, rule changes to edTPA. Tomorrow, Tuesday, April 5, the Illinois House of Representative’s Elementary and Secondary Education: Licensing Oversight Committee will hold a hearing to consider HB 6128.  HB 6128, sponsored by Rep Linda Chapa LaVia and Kelly Burke would move the required […]

End edTPA in New York state.

Hi Mr. Klonsky, I am a student in a teacher certification program at CUNY Queens College in NY. Over the past few weeks I have been trying to mobilize a student movement against the edTPA. Six days ago I wrote a petition and have just over 500 supporters. The faculty at my university will be […]

A critical look at edTPA.

I just received word from Diane Horwitz that the program at DePaul has had such enthusiastic feedback that they have had to move to a larger room. They had been previously booked solid. Now a few more seats have opened up. Still, you should RSVP if you are planning on attending.

Random notes. edTPA on Broadway.

From Jim Broadway’s authoritative Springfield newsletter: Retired Chicago teacher Fred Klonsky featured an essay on his popular blog in August reporting that, under ISBE’s rule, “Pearson has become the gate-keeper for student teachers in Illinois.” Klonsky’s editorial position quickly become a call to “Stop the Pearson takeover of Illinois student teacher certification.” The edTPA does […]

edTPA as a deterrent to a positive pre-service experience.

Responding to my minutes from today’s S.O.R.E. meeting: Fred, As a Coordinator of Clinical Experiences, I receive ample feedback on the deterrent edTPA can be to a positive and profitable experience for pre-service teachers. First of all, I oversee the experience of Traditional and non-traditional students during their professional semester (student teaching). Across the board, […]