Alderman Pat O’Connor wants to rewrite his racist history towards Harold Washington.

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Pat O’Connor was a loyal member of the anti-Harold Vrdolyak 29.

40th Ward Alderman Pat O’Connor is facing a tough re-election battle from progressive challenger Andre Vasquez.

O’Connor has been Rahm Emanuel’s floor leader in the Council.

But before that he was a loyal member of the Vrdolyak 29, the racist City Council opposition to Harold Washington.

Now O’Connor wants to rewrite history to save his sorry butt.

Not on my watch.

Last night he posted this on his Facebook page:

On the eve, eve of Election Day this year, I am reminded about why I started running for Alderman in the first place and some of those who have helped me along the way.

Especially mentors like Mayor Harold Washington, and everyone’s misrepresentation about Mr. Washington’s relationship with me and my family.

While my opponent and some of his avid supporters, many of whom were just starting elementary school or not even born yet, have been mischaracterizing, slandering me, and falsely calling me a racist. I would like to set the record straight:

Mayor Washington was a friend, an ally and a mentor. Outside City Council, he would come to the house and have dinner with our family. In City Council, I voted with him 86% of the time, including every single one of his budgets and appointments. We worked across the aisle to move the city forward like the time we helped end a devastating teacher strike. As a freshman alderman, I quickly earned his respect and trust, as seen by him appointing me Chairman of the Education Committee. When Mayor Washington needed a trusted ally to help talk trade between China and Chicago, he sent me. Factually speaking, in 1987 I received both the Harold Washington Party endorsement for my re-election and his own personal endorsement.

I was proud to work with a Mayor who had the utmost respect and decency, in a time where you could agree to disagree, but still work together to get things done and still be friends. Just as I would be proud to work with Lori Lightfoot or Toni Preckwinkle to continue our efforts towards a better Chicago and more importantly a thriving, vibrant #40thward.

I knew Mayor Harold Washington.
Harold Washington was no mentor to Pat O’Connor.

10 thoughts on “Alderman Pat O’Connor wants to rewrite his racist history towards Harold Washington.

  1. I doubt O’Connor voted 86% of the time w/Harold Washingtons agenda.O’Connor may have voted against Harolds agenda 86% of the time.Why did O’Connor campaign for a republican Bernie Epton against Harold Washington if he was such s good friend of Harolds?

    1. Those statistics are always bullshit. Most council votes are meaningless. Having Harold as your mentor meant he would have learned something. He learned nothing from Harold.

  2. I’m guessing it’s closer to 86% bullshit…and I’m a good guesser.

    “He was my mentor”…made me laugh.

  3. Yeah, the 86% includes stuff like approving the minutes of the last meeting. I remember an Aaron Freeman Council Wars skit that made fun of the bitter enemies getting together on submitting the application for Federal aid. No one wanted blame for screwing that up. Most votes are routine. On the tough votes O’Connor wasn’t there for Harold. Lies, damned lies, and statistics.

  4. “Factually speaking, in 1987 I received both the Harold Washington Party endorsement for my re-election and his own personal endorsement.”

    Didn’t the Harold Washington Party form after Harold passed away? How could he get the HWP endorsement and Harold’s endorsement?

    1. Eddie,
      There is no “Madigan” posted on August 10th. If you want to comment on any post you must click on the post and scroll to the bottom.

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